Virtel Web Access

The NWRDC now offers SysperTech’s Virtel Web Access application. This product allows our mainframe customers easy 3270 access to the NWRDC with a modern browser as the only requirement.

Virtel Web Access is a 3270 Terminal Emulator that is a fully functional direct replacement for thick client solutions like Hummingbird, Host Explorer, Attachmate or PC-COM.

We are offering Virtel Web Access at no additional cost. Thus enabling our customers to save money and headaches by removing the need for costly thick clients and the ongoing maintenance and hardware upgrades that they require.

We view this product as being particularly useful to those customers who access the NWRDC mainframe on an occasional basis such as users of the Florida Department of Education’s application suite.

Any device that supports a modern browser and HTTPS can securely access the 3270 applications available on the NWRDC mainframe.

Implementation Details:

  • Personalization options (keyboard re-mapping and FTP options) are saved as browser-cookies and are maintained between sessions on a browser-by-browser basis.
    • May be subject to loss when a cookie cleanup action is initiated.
    • Easy manual re-establishment.
    • Some browsers support add-on’s that preserve designated cookies.
  • Some browsers require setting modifications for Cut and Paste operations between Virtel and non-browser applications. IE needs permission to access the clip-board and FireFox needs an add-on.
  • Choice between 3270 models is made as part of the connection process. Virtel supports the normal 3270 device types: Mod2(24x80), Mod3(32x80), Mod4(43x80) and Mod5(27x132).

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